10P ATX Fights Back from the Grave
Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave movie poster, I do not own this image, image copyright belongs to Hap Dong Films Co., Ltd
A faux movie poster promoting the reopening of our jiu-jitsu dojo 10th Planet Austin, TX (10PATX) after being closed for 2 months due to the COVID-19 quarantine in the spring of 2020. 
For the return of the gym, I wanted to use a theme of coming back after being left for dead. To a lot of people in the current day, the phrase "coming back from the dead" has become synonymous with zombies, but this is exactly the trap that I wanted to stay away from as zombie-themed anything in 2020 is the epitome of hackneyed. 
To myself and a lot of other people Bruce Lee will forever and always represent something tantamount to supernatural, and I have wanted to use him in a Photoshop project for a long time, but up until this juncture I had been unsuccessful in manifesting something. ​​​​​​​
Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee

Enter the Dragon

My motivation was to convey a "resurrection" theme for this poster since we were bringing the gym "back to life" in a sense. Along those lines, I had known about an obscure 1976 movie that had tried to capitalize on Bruce Lee's 1973 death by using his name in the title, even though he never appears in the movie and 99% of the story has nothing to do with him.
This was a somewhat challenging project. For the title, I had to find a similar font to construct the "10P" but had to create the "ATX" part from a "mr. potato head" reconstruction of the already existing letters—then emulate the "block" effect of the red background. The engraved tombstone I created using the bevel and emboss layer styles. Our gym originally opened in 2016, so instead of putting "2020" or a "?" on the tombstone I found it more apropos to use "4L", which is shorthand for "for life", because "10P 4 Life" is one of the mantras of our 10th Planet jiu-jitsu affiliation. Finally, I changed the tag line to say "You Can't Keep a Good Moon" as each 10th planet affiliate is known colloquially as a "moon." ​​​​
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