P.S. Children Shouldn't Play with Leg Things
P.S. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
Halloween-themed poster I made for 10th Planet Austin's Saturday morning leg lock class. The starting image came from the 1972 movie "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things", a staple of 1980s creature features and if I had a favorite "zombie" movie, this would definitely be it. My friend Casey teaches the class and "reaping" is a technique vital to effective leg-locking in jiu-jitsu. To recreate the poster with the wording I needed I had to construct the differing letters from what was already available on the original poster, as it was practically impossible to identify which fonts these were. The NG (NoGi) rating comes from 10th Planet being known worldwide as a no-gi grappling school, meaning we practice jiu-jitsu without wearing a "judo-type" uniform.
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