I am, and always will be, a history student, and without a doubt, my favorite history class of all-time was the AP American History course that I took my junior year of high school. The absolutely awesome textbook we used for that course was The American Pageant by Thomas A. Bailey, and what I remember, and liked, most about that book were the caricatural political cartoons from a by-gone era that illustrated its pages. I'm sure there was a smorgasbord of different artists whose work was featured in that textbook, but there is only one that I remember, clear as day, and that was Thomas Nast. Therefore, for my next faux EHG flyer I wanted to make it in the Thomas Nast/Harper's Weekly political cartoon style, and due to Nast serving as my muse, that meant that only Boss Tweed could serve as my subject due to the inextricable link between the two. 
From the myriad Nast cartoons of Tweed I chose one that always particularly appealed to me, I didn't know the title or date, but I will never forget the image. A scowling, cigar-smoking Tweed hovering over the ballot box like a lion protecting its kill. Starting with the base image I added the "standard" EHG block header and the cross to the ballot box. I used a serifed, old-school newspaper font for the billing, pairing up EYEHATEGOD with another band from New Orleans called Suplecs. I put the show at the now departed, legendary Manhattan music venue CBGB, due to Tweed's political domain being New York City, specifically Tammany Hall. The "IX" is a reference to EHG's vocalist Mike IX Williams, and felt warranted to make the best use of the white space, and the title is a clever take on an esoteric EHG song.
PS - I passed the AP exam at the end of the year with a 4 out of 5, meaning I had earned college credit for the course, but I chose to take it again in college anyway, with the same textbook of course, because I love history that much.
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