A social media flyer made for leglock class at 10th Planet Austin themed on the Slayer "Reign in Blood" artwork
Reign in Blood album cover, the artwork belongs to Def Jam Records
Another flyer I made for Saturday morning leg lock class at 10PATX. I used the cover art of "Reign in Blood", the classic Slayer album from 1986, as my theme. In grappling, a key concept of leg locking is what is known as the "reap"—when one competitor crosses their lower leg across the upper leg of another competitor (trying to explain that to a lay person in lay words was harder than I was expecting). For all practical purposes, securing a leg reap is the key to leg locking. Accordingly, I thought the phrase "Reap in Blood" would dovetail nicely with the rest of the cover art in addition to the circular 10P logo taking the place of the circular Slayer logo. The photoshop feature that really made this piece possible was the "content aware move tool", as this allowed me to rewrite the album title while keeping the background underlying background image intact—something I couldn't have accomplished on my own.  
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