An EyeHateGod flyer in the theme of "Los Barbudos en La Sierra Maestra"
This was the second faux EHG flyer that I ever made. As usual, I wanted to go with a political, militaristic theme and since I had been reading a lot on the Cuban revolution at the time it only felt natural to use Castro as the subject. For the uninitiated, Castro didn't just show up in Cuba one day and tell everybody that they all "work for him now" like how it's portrayed in many of the gangster movies. There was a long, drawn out guerrilla war that took place in the jungles of a famous mountain range in Cuba known as the Sierra Maestra. The line "Nadie Puede Sobrevivir en La Sierra Maestra," means "nobody will survive in those mountains," and legend has it that it was a line declared by Batista or one of his generals about the Barbudos escaping to the mountains after being ambushed upon their beach landing in Cuba. The "Movimiento," Spanish for "movement" is what Castro called his revolution/political party ("El Movimiento 26 de Julio"), so I made the flyer under the guise of being a July tour—which seemed consistent with just about any other tour or festival EHG has ever done which includes "Southern California Siege," "Chaos en Tejas," and "New Orleans is the New Vietnam." 
Of course the red color came from the political allegiance of these Cuban revolutionaries and was a practice in using blend modes in Photoshop to tint a photo. The gigs themselves are real places that I have either seen a show at myself, or were played on tours that I saw in other cities—save one. I thought it would be clever to make Marfa, TX, pop. 1,714, as a stop on the tour with the hosting venue called Lights Out—for those initiated, they will recognize this as a clandestine reference to the mysterious marfa lights
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